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tv   [untitled]    January 31, 2012 1:18am-1:48am EST

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but they won't know who's watching them surveillance drones like this could be circling the skies of london this summer police may use the spy cameras in their lympics anti terror tactics it'll leave no hiding place the drones can make out a car's number plate from heights of up to one kilometer privacy campaigners fear is the start of a slippery slope i think it be our salute tragedy for britain the largest part of the olympic legacy was a surveillance like to see where we have store all this equipment in the name of national security and then when the other bits are over we keep using it personally very very serious risk to the privacy that might not be adequately protected the spy in the skies been piloted before in britain by four police forces but never took off after one crashed into a river and the u.k. aviation authority failed to grant the necessary license that's the only legal requirement before this sort of surveillance becomes a reality at the olympics
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a minor hurdle for what's already britain's biggest peacetime security operation total cost over one point six billion dollars it is worrying that the security bill has increased so drastically from initial estimates one of the reasons being given for this is so heightened risk of terrorism which seems incredible as an excuse at a time when the original estimates were made around the time of the london bombings when london was considered to be a very high risk so it seems incredible they got the estimates so badly wrong in the first place commandos speeding up the thames is one answer to a myriad of perceived terror threats this time a hijacked passenger boat they'll also be warships and could on the thames attack helicopters on standby even ground to air missiles ready to launch or vance before you even get to the security on the ground to give you an idea of the numbers take the olympic stadium capacity eighty thousand. and ground security at the games is
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enough to fill sixty percent of that inside the venue will be over twenty three thousand security guards along with seven and a half thousand military personnel and then outside a further six thousand troops along with twelve thousand police total just shy of fifty thousand the budgets ballooned by a hundred percent because initial estimates were woefully inadequate but that still couldn't stop two fake bombs being sneaked in under the radar at the stadiums dummy runs not exactly great value for money london organizers have tried to play down fees the olympic village will be a siege city but with such a massive security operation the plan the limb pick legacy of international friendship may not be the one that's actually left after bennett r.t. london. the latest africa to save a year on their way in brussels is off to a characteristic start with the leaders of france and britain arguing over which of
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them has more industry the exchange came as a too often at loggerheads it looked to downplay disagreements and mutual distrust the incident however was an isolated poland set to join the eurozone demanding a greater say in decision making the spanish in turn argued against excessive staring while everyone pressed the greeks to complete debt talks with its creditors there was one result however with twenty five of the twenty seven nation e.u. nations and green german fiscal rule that would limit deficits and a new bailout fund but paul the tall a member of the european parliament say democracy could suffer as a result of. this will go into primary e.u. law through secondary legislation which means that the people can be bypassed there will be referendums across the continent particularly in ireland where there should be a referendum on this and what will happen is they will bypass the people and. they will get exactly what they want and it is a complete affront to democracy the scary thing here that you have is once you
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start tinkering with democracy and trying to change things i think you know the very slippery slope indeed the trying to put a lot of pressure on greece and this idea that the germans have but you could almost call to the budget commission of martin's who would oversee the budgets set taxes is quite frankly the fruits of democracy the oldest democracy in the world and if i was in athens at the moment on the streets demonstrating as well. as a you works to finally rein in its less than fiscally responsible members the kaiser report looks at what got them into this whole mess in the first place debt max and stacey and their take on the strange and wonderful world of finance coming your way next hour here in our. zombie debt or a zombie debtor is a noun and indebted consumer who is only able to pay the debt interest each month so here you have the two pillars of society zombie debtors who never escape and clown bankers who never have to pay debt so the zombies and clones yes wherever
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there is a zombie debt or you can be sure there's a zombie creditor and there's zombie central banker feeding them all. and a look now at some other stories from around the world u.n. experts have approved japanese stress test to show their nuclear plans can withstand another fukushima force disaster the japanese government called in the experts following last march a earthquake and tsunami which caused radiation leaks at the fukushima daiichi power plant nuclear power provided a third of the country's electricity before the disaster since then japan's vowed to reduce its dependency on atomic power. over two thousand people have gathered in believing as main city demanding their government resume construction of a controversial new road said to go through an amazon reserve plans to build the
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highway were cancelled last year after indigenous tribes members went on a two month long march in protest but now other communities are asking president havel morale is to continue the project saying it would bring much needed economic development to the region. senior pro-government militia leader has been killed after a suicide bomber targeted his home in northwestern pakistan rival militants have claimed responsibility for the attack which follows previous clashes between the two groups in which hundreds of people have died three other three others including the man's son in law were also killed in the blast and eight more were injured well you're up to date here on our team now the man who's been at the helm of two time russian premier league champions reuben for over a decade has resigned more on this you'll get from our sports update shortly before that we'll take a look what's happening in the world of business with natasha. twenty
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four minutes past ten am you watching business r t m merging market currencies is seeing the best start of the year since the turn of the century that's according to the financial times as the risk increases the russian ruble along with the mexican peso and the brazilian ryall have outperformed the currencies of the industrialized nations most of them gave more than five percent against the u.s. dollar reversing sharp losses of the recent months. by contrast the euro the yen and the pound gate less than one and a half percent against the greenback but analysts warn emerging market currencies remain pretty risky local regulations are likely to intervene and hold currency appreciation to help exports. european leaders on monday have managed to marry growth and thus tearing at their first summit this year twenty five out of
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twenty seven e.u. nations agreed to a stricter budget discipline but britain and the czech republic refused to sign the document that imposes sanctions on members breaching budget rules some analysts hope the move brings europe a step closer to a fiscal union but i let that call so for me to be capital says the new rules will be pretty hard to follow. i think there's two implications naturally not all countries will be able to adapt and be within the within the limits and inevitably will leave or start pain penalties and would prefer to to get out of the euro so there's was not to meet as many countries using this current solution which is particularly great for intra europe trade and the second thing is it will gradually see more rifts between the european nations and may be able to give the euro will all become a currency for only the strongest will survive. time now to check out the markets oil first states gaining value as traders get the message that greece is closer to
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the final stage of the talks with bondholders that brings hope the e.u. crisis might soon be resolved which in turn increases the appetite for risk this hour of the w t i is that around ninety nine and a third dollars a barrel brand is that more than one hundred and eleven dollars. and now want to equities asian stocks opened lower but they've managed to rebound explorers are still under pressure and took you on stronger yen toshiba's losing more than two percent and some to fill the sharing around seventy percent but industrial companies are pushing tokyo out of the red and hong kong the hang seng is gaining thanks to energy stocks including petro china and china petroleum and chemical corporation. and here in moscow the markets have opened on a positive note tracking the a bit sentiment nature the r.t.s. has jumped to one and a half percent in the first minutes of trade while the my sex game that just one of
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one percent. russia's economic expansion is losing steam the g.d.p. rose four point two percent last year that's according to a mid january estimate by prime minister volume of kuttan the final figure is coming out later on tuesday while retail sales grew. last year mid wage increases industrial production growth cut the house to four percent as the your crisis tighten the demand for exports. sam soon will open more than one thousand branded horner's and russia's top mobile phone retailer euro sets the south korean giant hopes the move will help the deuce its market share the company will spend from two just fifteen thousand dollars on setting up each corner euro set says the number of such branded outlets within its chain could grow to three thousand in the near future last year some so managed to grow its share to thirty six percent that's
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compared to forty percent held by its rival nokia. and that's all the latest from the business to whom you can always find a lot more stories on our site as dot com slash business check it out.
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look back here with our t. here's a look at the top stories syria still reeling from escalating outbreaks of violence as applied spreads to new york where u.n. security council members seem unlikely to reach a consensus on the. occupy d.c. protesters dig their heels in as they wait for police crackdown after the deadline to leave their camp said by city authorities passes. plus a bittersweet victory for the euro twenty five e.u. nations signed up for stricter death rules while the czech republic joins the u.k. in rejecting the much hyped proposal. coming up next here in our team we sit down
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with m a p martin callanan from the u.k. conservative party to learn more about where the fallout of the year's first block summit will be felt. today we're joined by martin. the u.k. conservative party and he's also the new head of the european conservatives and a reformist group at the european parliament thanks very much for joining us today the first question is the e.u. has now imposed a block wide oil embargo on iran is this part of president sanctions on the country over its controversial nuclear program statement british prime minister david cameron along with french president. said that quote our message is clear we have no quarrel with the iranian people but the leadership has failed to restore international confidence in the exclusively peaceful nature of its
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nuclear program now at what cost to the european union is this message being delivered. you have agreed that we are not going to buy any more oil from iran a number of member states do have. reasonable reason to be considerable purchases so they would have to stop buying oil from iran but i think you know the overall goal. you know we have come together twenty seven nations say to the arabians you know you know we really must get some assurances on the nuclear program it's unacceptable to the rest of the world for iran to acquire nuclear weapons but i will factor will the sanctions be right now you see india still buying oil from iran with gold and you have china could possibly just step in and buy the oil that the u.s. and the u. don't want so how effective really will the sanctions be countries like india which of course. functioning democracies as well i'm sure other diplomatic pressure being
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applied to that too to maybe get them on board with the with the regime as well you know we have to be united as a world to say to iran this is unacceptable you will not be permitted to develop. nuclear weapons. we will leave no stone to the pursuing this policy of british petroleum or b.p. the british government as well as the e.u. have been lobbying u.s. lawmakers for an exception from another proposed new u.s. sanctions which seek to stop western companies from doing business with iran in particular this has to do with the shah denice project in azerbaijan iran has a ten percent stake in that while greece is now forced to find alternatives to almost one third of its oil imports from iran even if it didn't want to begin with and here you have the u.k. asking for an exception how can that be fair when we see if there is an exemption on this pipeline that you're referring to from us about ten percent owed by.
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iranian state assets so it's not clear what the exact effect will be on that but at the same time you know as well as the sanctions on iran we also want to pursue. diversifying energy sources. for western europe this pipeline is a key part of that but it is rather hypocritical saying this is a message to iran there are going to be loopholes that we've accepted that there will be costs to to the west on implementing this policy on this it could well be that this is one of the costs we have to bear but i think there is not a majority enough that there was only ten percent of it it is a key part of europe's attempt to diversify our energy sources and. i'm sure they will want to continue with this but i further discussions will take place on exactly what happened to this particular project so basically what you're saying is it's ok to have sanctions against iran as long as it doesn't go against the goal of the e.u. to diversify its sources that would look like that that's the view that's being
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taken but i think the detail the detail work a lot to be done on this you know none of the sanctions are taking effect. anyway let's talk about the euro zone this question has been asked. long enough even at the recent press conference of the. journalist to get a straight answer of whether. default or exit from the euro so what do you think will there be a greece default or a euro exit can give you my opinion that i think they will default you know effectively. that's being imposed on the bondholders at the moment many could argue that that's effectively a default anyway. maybe your question they. don't control credit event there's no. we don't know what is clear to me is the current debt. is unsustainable. in my view that debt will have to be reduced considerably one way of doing it would be for them to default. i don't my view that it's probably the most effective way
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of doing that and at the same time helping to save the rest of the eurozone but you know i'm not a member of the country that part of the euro zone so euro zone themselves but that seems to me to be the way that we're heading. that we delay this process the difficulties of being told that the u.k. wants to have a say what ever the euro zone decides doesn't it. we can give our opinions but you know we did not join the euro in the first place we advised against the euro being created. many pitfalls that there would be along the way it looks like finding out the hard way that you know you can compress seventeen countries economic policies into one currency zone while still operating seventeen different economic policies well there are still some people who would argue that there are other solutions to this crisis one of which would be the issue. of other would be the further of funding mechanisms for countries that need them with germany
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contributing more and germany has said no to all of these suggestions and some would say that this behavior from germany is a. what do you think yeah. i would if i was a german politician i would. look at the fundamental democratic aspect of it you know. to perceive. greater levels of public expenditure. this is the fundamental problem with the eurozone that was never resolved at the creation of it. and i hope they will also continue to resist as well
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so the. where does that. push this forward are you optimistic. asking myself what is the point of this. crisis at the moment the next crisis five years down the right if countries are persuaded to rein in. a fiscal deficit you know this is going to take. to be implemented by. a. country is that. so this is going to provide a solution to a crisis that could explode in the next month or two. and what worries me about the whole thing is that it's distracting attention from the very real things that need to be done to solve the current crisis you know we're engaging in this. navel
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gazing of rewriting treaties and agreeing. instead of addressing the fundamental problem which is there's too much debt in europe and there is a. the crisis in europe none of these issues are being addressed by this so i don't think it work and i think it's essentially pointless let's talk about the european best ability mechanism. this is the funding facility which should be put into place in the target is to have five hundred billion euros in funds that will be available for countries that may need it in the future and also the e.c.b. is asking for. a trillion euros do you think that. will be a big enough far wall to question any impact that a possible default or euro exit may have on other countries. if if spain or italy runs into trouble you know you could look at the amount of debt outstanding in those countries you can see that the fire was not necessarily
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picking up but this is a matter for the eurozone countries themselves to resolve and if it's central fundamental structural problems in the eurozone. you know that being seventeen different countries this is the difficulty with it david cameron uses veto with the e.u. summit against any treaty changes because he says he failed to get guarantees to protect the interests of the u.k. particularly of the city of london and france is circulating its blueprint for proposal on a new financial transaction tax how big of a deal do you think this could become our position is that we will not accept a financial transaction tax i mean you look. in any event i don't even know negotiations whatsoever because it's pointless to get it you know it won't raise very much money it will just drive the institutions away to other jurisdictions like new york. something outside of the scope of this tax there are electronic transactions by the nature that can take place in many different locations across
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the world so we don't begin to raise very much money we think will be bad for european business. we think it's unfairly targeted it will be paid by. by individual investors the big banks. will be clever enough to. operate on a worldwide basis it will be. effective so they are the new. people what is this. realistic acceptance of the limits of european integration. to. make you know. about european integration. with the euro zone crisis.
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that we could make. when it comes to putting. to deliver. maybe some european. seeing the limits of national sovereignty being. areas. sticking to the fundamental national democratic principle which is the basic building block of the european union so what are the. preference would be for powers that are already in the european. integration. a soulless substance. in a touch like
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a well trained army. villages in ruins. for thailand where time stands still. all becomes a scene of nothingness. the mysterious sons of russia. are teaching. guitar sometimes you see a story and it seems so for lengthly you think you understand it and then you glimpse something else you hear or see some other part of it and realize everything you thought you knew you don't know i'm tom harpur welcome to the big picture.
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serious still reeling from escalating outbreaks of violence as a widespread stern new york word united security council members seem unlikely to reach consensus on the younger ones to. occupy d.c. protesters dig their heels in as they wait for a police crackdown after the deadline to leave their camp said by see the authorities passes and. plus a bit of a bittersweet victory for the euro twenty five e.u. nations signed up for stricter debts rules while the czech republic joins the u.k. in rejecting the much hyped proposal. which they have lines here in the back of the top of the hour in the meantime here's the latest sports news with anger.
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hello there thanks for watching the sport and here's a taste of what is coming up over the next few minutes i quit rubin's most successful manager kabamba day of resigned after over a decade in charge. plus deadline day russia striker pavel pogrebnyak is on the verge of joining for them from stood guard before the transfer window slams shut. and getting ready to rumble the patriots and giants arrive in indianapolis ahead of their super bowl showdown. but first has resigned as manager from russian premier league side through being after eleven years in charge the fifty nine year old says he had disagreements with the club's president dmitri stammering came over the club's budget and transfer policies rubin have sold a number of key plays over the last two seasons the most recent being christian to dinner moscow early this month however but day of intends to stay on and work at
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the club's junior cademy pradesh his rubin's most successful manager after joining them back in two thousand and one he got them promoted into russia's top flight in his first season and went on to win two pro russian premier league titles in two thousand and eight and two thousand and nine he also won the russia super cup the following year rubina currently fifth in the league with the season due to resume on march the third after the winter break. meanwhile russia striker publicly that the ak is on the verge of signing for english premier league side for him in stuttgart before today's deadline the twenty eight year old has only scored fifteen goals for the bundy's league a side in sixty eight appearances and only netted once this season but he is undergoing a medical it craven cottage with full on boss martin yell saying he wants to bolster his attacking options. have unveiled their latest signing maxi lopez the art in time is described them as a dream club after joining on loan from.

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